What is Stellar (XLM)

Stellar is an open-sourced, distributed payments infrastructure, for building financial products that connect people everywhere.

The Stellar team wants to make the transfer of money cheaper, faster, and more reliable than current systems. Transactions on the network resolve in 2-5 seconds.

As a public network, Stellar has no owner; if anything it’s owned by the public. The software runs across a decentralized, open network and handles millions of transactions each day. Like Bitcoin and Ethereum, Stellar relies on blockchain to keep the network in sync, but the end-user experience is more like cash — Stellar is much faster, cheaper, and more energy-efficient than typical blockchain-based systems.

How to accept Stellar payments with WooCommerce by Artemis Gateway?

Install Plugin

Get started by downloading the open source plugin and installing it on your WooCommerce webshop

Adjust Setting

Artemis Gateway requires very little setup to use as a payment gateway in WooCommerce.

Accept Payments

You are now ready to accept cryptocurrency payments from online customers.

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